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As a cyclist, your biggest fear is not making it home in one piece, and that fear is very valid in this age of texting and driving. We have all had our fair share of vehicles not moving over and almost grazing us with a side mirror. Most people would think that most bike accidents occur during the evening; however, around eighty percent of accidents occur in the daylight. To combat this issue, Bontrager looked to the motor vehicle industry for a solution. Both cars and motorcycles use daytime running lights, so why can't bikes use them? In early 2016, Bontrager released the daytime visible Flare R Tailight. The Flare R can be seen from over a mile away in the daytime using an irregular flash pattern and focused light beam. During the prototype testing of the Flare R, every tester reported that they felt that cars gave them more room when they passed. After the Flare R was released, researchers found that daytime visible lights reduce the likeliness of collisions by thirty-three percent! That's amazing! Bontrager has now expanded their lineup of daytime visible lights to two tailights and three headlights. Check them out below!    

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Lee's Bike Shop is located at13303 W. Maple, Suite #119, Wichita, KSin Auburn Pointe.  The corner of 135th Street West and Maple.