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Glad that you found us. We hope that you find our website beneficial. Lee's Bike Shop has always had a web presence that featured the products we carry, services we provide, projects that we are involved in, events that may be of interest to you, and a bunch of other bicycling information. In 2014, we decided to up our game by redoing our web site to provide more cycling information and offer online sales. This by no means is a replacement for the one-on-one service that we feel is irreplaceable but is an added capability to serve more people with the products that they seek. So please take some time and look around. If you find something you like let us know or if you have a question contact us or drop in.

We think that you will be interested in some of the projects that we are involved in. During the year, we assist in area benefit rides, organize a variety of shop rides, participate in singletrack trail building and maintenance, hold monthly fix-a-flat work shops, and do some riding of our own. These and more activities are described in our "What's Happening" section.  The "In-Store Programs" and "Our Services" sections show what we do here at the shop from custom bike building to classic bike service. 

This website is the perfect place to research the bikes, accessories, and parts you need.  We carry products from Trek, Bontrager, Electra, Surly, Topeak, Saris, and many other brands. We offer in-store pickup, or we can ship directly to you from our shop or from the warehouse.

We also have Lee's Bike Shop t-shirts, jerseys, and gift certificates available to give your favorite cyclist. Sorry, gift certificates can be used only at our store and not as payment on the website. 

Mavic Wheels

Mavic wheels are a mainstay in bicycle racing. You see their yellow support cars in all of the big races with all those wheelsets on the roofs ready to assist any racer should they get a punctured tyre. Yes, we must say tyre here to represent this French brand accurately. They deserve nothing less because they offer nothing less.
Lee's Bike Shop is proud to carry Mavic wheel systems, tyres, and pedal systems. We have been selling, building, and riding wheels with their rims for years and have been selling special ordered wheelsets for customers since we opened. This year, we are happy to not only have more of their products on display but also have a Ksyrium SLS/Yksion demo wheel set for you to test ride. Ksyrium has always been synonymous with great overall performance and exceptional reliability. You will find that this wheel/tyre combo is light, responsive, and strong.
You can also demo a set of Mavic Zxellium SL pedals with the iclic retention system. Effortless engagement, 10 degrees of float, and extra wide cleat/pedal support. You will be impressed.
If you thought that Mavic products were only for the elite road cyclist, think again. Mavic also has mountain bike wheelsets that are fast and strong. Both styles come at many price points from budget friendly to full-on performance. Let us show you how you can upgrade to Mavic.

Mavic Ksyrium SlS Mavic Kysrium Elite Mavic Crossone
Mavic Kysrium SLS      Mavic Kysrium Elite  Mavic Crossone 29
Mavic Kysrium SLS- The Ksyrium SLS has always been synonymous with great overall performance and exceptional reliability. It's light, responsive, and strong thanks to super low inertia ISM 3D rims, superlight hubs and spokes, and the extra light Yksion Pro tyre. This wheelset is for the rider that possesses that need-for-speed mentality. Lee's Bike Shop has a demo set available for riders that wish to try out these high quality wheels

Mavic Kysrium Elite- True to its precedent of offering the high end technologies usually reserved for only top of the line models, the Ksyrium Elite S achieves unparalleled weight savings and reliability at this price level. With extra light Yksion Pro tyres.

Mavic Crossone 29Years of wheel systems development enable Mavic to also bring expertise to off-road riding. All the components are engineered together to ensure maximum reliability and the feel of a true perfomance wheel system. Simple and reliable: Crossone. Available in 26", 27.5, and 29" wheel sizes.


Fall/ Winter Apparel

Warm Apparel

Whether we would like to admit it or not, colder weather is coming. Lee's Bike Shop has a great selection of fall and winter apparel to keep you riding through the cooler months. The trick is to dress in layers and not to over-dress. If you layer it on too heavy, you will perspire and become chilled at stops. So dress so that you can add or subtract layers to stay comfortable during the ride. Below are some of our featured apparel items. Stop in to get some tips on clothing selection and feel the differences of these premium fabrics engineered for cool/cold weather.

And don't forget Bontrager's 30 day unconditional guarantee: Ride it and love it. If not, they will take it back. It is that simple.

2015 Trek Performance Road and Cyclocross Bikes

 We have many 2015 Trek performance road and cyclocross bikes in-stock in our showroom including the following styles: Emonda, Domane, and Boone. These bikes have astonished bike reviewers all around the world which is not an easy task, but it shows just how good these bikes really are.

Trek Performance Road and Cyclocross Bikes

New for 2015, the Emonda is Trek's newest road bike platform. Trek set out with the goal of creating the lightest road bike line on the market and succeeded. Every Emonda model is lighter than the nearest competitor in each price point. However, not only is the Emonda light, it is also a very laterally stiff and comfortable ride as well. For more information visit the Trek Emonda Page

Introduced in 2013, the Domane continues to amaze riders with its superior comfort mixed with performance quality. The Domane is Trek's endurance line of race bikes. At the heart of the Domane is the IsoSpeed Decoupler which decreases road vibration so you can ride longer. That mixed with the Domane's endurance geometry makes the Domane the best endurance bike in its class. The Domane is available in both caliper and disc brake options. For more information visit the Trek Domane Page.

Also new for 2015, Trek combined the IsoSpeed Decoupler of the Domane with Trek's superior cyclocross frame geometry and OCLV carbon to create the Boone. The Boone is Trek's carbon fiber cyclocross bike perfect for gravel riding and cyclocross racing. The IsoSpeed Decoupler creates a super smooth ride so that you can ride with less fatigue. Trek's OCLV carbon frame makes the Boone a super fast and quick accelerating bike that is the perfect bike for rough road speed. For more information visit the Trek Boone Page.

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