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Welcome to Lee's Bike Shop

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Glad that you found us. We hope that you find our website beneficial. Here you can view the products we carry, services we provide, projects that we are involved in, events that may be of interest to you, and a bunch of other bicycling information.


This website is the perfect place to research the bikes, accessories, and parts you need.  We carry products from Trek, Bontrager, Electra, Surly, Topeak, Saris, and many other brands. We offer in-store pickup, or we can ship directly to you from our shop or from the warehouse. We also have custom Lee's Bike Shop t-shirts, jerseys, and gift certificates available to give to your favorite cyclist. Sorry, gift certificates can be used only at our store and not as payment on the website. Bicycles can only be picked up from the shop. That way we can tell you about your new bike and make sure it fits you well. 


During the year, we assist in area benefit rides, organize a variety of shop rides, participate in singletrack trail building and maintenance, hold monthly fix-a-flat work shops, and do some riding of our own. These and more activities are described in our "What's Happening" section.  The "In-Store Programs" and "Our Services" sections show what we do here at the shop from custom bike building to classic bike service. 

This site is by no means a replacement for the one-on-one service that we feel is irreplaceable but is an added capability to serve more people with the products that they seek. So please take some time and look around. If you find something you like, let us know, or if you have a question contact us or drop in.


Be Loud 

Is drawing attention to yourself egotistical or is it a way to save the species?

You see it in almost every sport. Clothing that is so bright that the ghosts of 1982 are putting on sunglasses. Bright-colored clothing makes sense in some sports but not in all of them. In soccer for example, I do not think that having day-glow orange shoes will save your life or let your team mate know that you are open to make that winning shot. No, those kicks are pretty much a fashion statement. "I am good and I know it. Take a look." Whatever.  

In sports where being seen can be a matter of life and death, I think this return to obnoxious colors is well-founded. Bright is safe. Loud is smart. Runners find that bright colored clothing helps them to stand out and be seen as they do their daily routine on the road or even on paths and sidewalks. Cycling is no different. In fact, it is more important to us to be seen as we ride in traffic, long urban roads, or even in the woods. I once had an old farmer come up to our road riding group and say, "That guy in the yellow is the smartest of all of you. He's the only one I saw." Sadly it was not me who stood out.

If you don't already own some visible clothing, Lee's Bike Shop can definitely help you out. We have high-visibility jerseys, jackets, warmers, gloves, shoes, and lights to help you be seen.  

So break out the old Trek with the day-glow green paint job or get some of those high visibility yellow arm warmers and booties. Wear something bright. Turn on the brightest lights possible, day or night. Become a distraction in a world of distractions. It may save your life.


New 2016 Bicycles Are Available

New Trek Bikes ReleasedIt is that time of year that new 2016 model bicycles start to trickle in from Trek, Surly and Electra!  There are already some new models to choose from as well as new colors of existing ones. You can stay up to date by going to their websites or navigating through ours to find the avaialbe bikes in the style you are looking for. 

We stock many styles and models of these manufacturers' bicycles in our showroom so that our customers can experience the options available. If we do not have what you want to see, we can explain the features of those you are looking into so you can make the right choice for you.

Check out the new 2016 bicycles here.

The Electra Townie

Electra TownieWith an upright seating position that lets you see the world better and place your feet flat on the ground whenever you want, the Townie sets a new standard in comfort and control. The Townie features Electra's patented Flat Foot Technology that allows you to place your feet flat on the ground even while sitting on the saddle. With many options including color, number of gears, and the option of balloon tires, it's easy to find the right Townie that will fit your bicycle needs. Below are some of the different Townie models. As always, you are welcome to visit our showroom to experience these bikes for yourself! Visit the Electra website for more information about this high-quality bikes.

Electra bikes are also fully and easily customizable with many different types of accessories: bells, fenders, baskets, racks, bags, saddles, grips, mirrors, cup holders, and more. These accessories are designed to work with Electra bicycles and fit right in with the style of the bike. Check out our Electra accessories page.

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Lee's Bike Shop is located at13303 W. Maple, Suite #119, Wichita, KSin Auburn Pointe.  The corner of 135th Street West and Maple.