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CO2 Inflators

CO2 inflators are the friendly alternative to you sitting on the concrete pumping up your tube for 20 minutes after a flat while you're 50 miles away from your destination. The inflators consist of two different parts: the regulator and the cartridge. The cartridge is sealed and holds the CO2. Most modern inflators use threaded cartridges, although there are some exceptions. The cartridges come in several different sizes including 12g, 16g, and 24g. The size nessecary depends on the desired psi and the size of the tire. A lot of customers have asked if there is a danger of the cartridges exploding. The answer is no. The cartridges must be subjected to very very extreme heat for them to explode. The regulator is used to puncture the cartridge and put the CO2 into the tube. Most modern regulators fit both presta and schrader valves. Some regulators include the ability to vary the amount of CO2 released while others release at a constant amount. Below are the CO2 inflators, cartridges, and kits available on

What is MIPS?

MIPS, which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, was developed by biomechanical specialists at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. MIPS is a form of slip plane technology, meaning that a MIPS helmet is constructed from two layers that rotate against each other, mimicking the rotation of the brain’s own cerebrospinal fluid, which is the body’s natural defense against oblique impacts. The outer layer of a MIPS helmet is made from the same impact-absorbing EPS material as a conventional, CPSC helmet. It’s connected via an elastomeric attachment system to a low friction inner layer, which is what rests on the rider’s head. In a crash, the outer shell of a MIPS helmet absorbs linear impact, while the inner layer rotates up to 5mm, absorbing rotational impact. This small rotation of the liner relative to the shell results in a signification reduction of the forces on the brain, which reduces the likelihood of concussion and other brain injury. Bontrager offers several models of MIPS equipped road or mountain helmets starting at just $65. Check them out below! 

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