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Hi, Glad that you found us. We hope that you find our website beneficial. Here you can view the products we carry, services we provide, projects that we are involved in, events that may be of interest to you, and a bunch of other bicycling information.

This website is the perfect place to research the bikes, accessories, and parts you need.  We carry products from Trek, Bontrager, Electra, Surly, Topeak, Saris, and many other brands. We offer in-store pickup, or we can ship directly to you from our shop or from the warehouse. We also have custom Lee's Bike Shop t-shirts, jerseys, and gift certificates available to give to your favorite cyclist. Sorry, gift certificates can be used only at our store and not as payment on the website. Bicycles can only be picked up from the shop. That way we can tell you about your new bike and make sure it fits you well. 

During the year, we assist in area benefit rides, organize a variety of shop rides, participate in singletrack trail building and maintenance, hold monthly fix-a-flat work shops, and do some riding of our own. These and more activities are described in our "What's Happening" section.  The "In-Store Programs" and "Our Services" sections show what we do here at the shop from custom bike building to classic bike service. 

This site is by no means a replacement for the one-on-one service that we feel is irreplaceable but is an added capability to serve more people with the products that they seek. So please take some time and look around. If you find something you like let us know or if you have a question contact us or drop in.


Traffic Skill 101: Transforming Cyclists into Experts

Traffic Skills 101 The League of American Bicyclists will be holding a class on June 21st for all cyclists looking to learn more about bicycle riding. This class is designed to teach adult cyclists how to use a bicycle with confidence and competence for pleasure, utility, and sport under various highway, climate, terrain, and traffic conditions. The class is organized into three levels: the basics, bicycling in traffic, and enjoying the ride. The class starts at 12:00pm at Lee's Bike Shop and costs $20.00. To sign up, contact Alan Kailer at or 214-208-0267. League of American Bicyclists website

Speedplay Walkable Cleats

Speedplay walkable cleats are in! These are the first truly walkable road cleats on the market and are a really great design. The covers can be left on when you are riding and improve your traction when you're not. The included "Cleat Buddies" protect your cleats from dirt and grime. We have both the Light Action and Zero versions in stock. Speedplay Walkable Cleats

Fall/ Winter Apparel Blow-Out and New Spring/Summer Styles

Winter clothing Spring Clothing Winter Clothing

What a crazy winter it has been. One day, we are wearing every layer that we have - the next day, it's shorts and a jersey. Will this be the normal here in the mid-west for future winters? Who knows. I must say that we have had to be very creative in picking out our clothing this season. But it is nice to have the gambit of technical cycling clothing to choose from whatever condition mother nature deals us.

 Since it is the time of year that we change our stock of clothing from winter to summer, it is a great time for you to round out your cycling wardrobe. We are clearing out the winter gear, pricing down all of the close-outs, and bringing in some very stylish new summer clothing, women's and men's. Save some cash on winter clothing and freshen up your spring look.

We have a great selection of Bontrager, Trek, Zoic, Craft, and Primal apparel to choose from online and in the shop.  Come in and try something on for size and see how these companies design great clothing for cycling comfort, style, and functionality. The way this spring is going, you will probably be able to wear anything you get at least once.   

And don't forget about the Bontrager 30 day unconditional guarantee: Ride it and love it. If you don't, they will exchange it or take it back. It is that simple.

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Lee's Bike Shop is located at13303 W. Maple, Suite #119, Wichita, KSin Auburn Pointe.  The corner of 135th Street West and Maple.