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Glad that you found us.

Here at Lee's Bike Shop, we strive to be as helpful as possible to help you find the information, service, and products that you are looking for.  We do this by having a great shop located in west Wichita, Kansas and by providing a website that gets you in touch with the local cycling community, teaches you a bit about bicycling, and provides you with another way to purchase quality bicycles and gear.


Bicycling is a great activity that suits the many needs of the people who do it. Whatever those needs are, the rider will always need the service and gear that make the best riding experience possible. That is where we come in. Our staff includes riders, enthusiasts, and mechanics that know cycling.

  • We are here to help you out. It takes time to find the right style and size of bike for your needs and the gear that goes with it. We know that. Let's talk. 
  • Our service department has an average turn around time of 48 hours. If it is a quick fix, we can usually get it done as you wait.
  • Want to get connected? We can help. Not only do we host rides, but we can get you information on local riding groups, events, routes, and trails.         

During the year, we assist in area benefit rides, organize a variety of shop rides, participate in singletrack trail building and maintenance, hold monthly fix-a-flat work shops, and do some riding of our own. These and more activities are described in the "What's Happening" section of this web site. The "In-Store Programs" and "Our Services" sections show some of the special things what we do here at the shop from offering pre-owned bike sales, custom bike building to wheel building, and bike maintenance. 


This website is by no means a replacement for our one-on-one service that we feel is irreplaceable. However, it provides us added capability to serve more people with the information and products that they seek. So please take some time and look around. If you find something you like, thats great, we have succeeded. If you have any questions contact us or drop in, we are happy to help.

The products that you purchase on our site can be either picked up at the shop or shipped to you directly from our shop or warehouse. Look for availability on each product. Lee's Bike Shop gift certificates can be used only at our shop and not as payment on the website. Bicycles can only be picked up from the shop. We assemble and inspect every bike that we sell, and we want to be sure that you know about the features of your new bike and that it is set up just for you.

Thanks for checking us out! 


New Trek Gravel Bikes

New Trek Gravel Bikes

Trek has broadened their gravel bike line of products by releasing three new platforms: the Boone Race Shop Limited, Boone 7 Disc, and Crockett 7 Disc. The Boone 7 Disc and Crockett 7 Disc allow gravel enthusiasts to experience the benefits of a SRAM 1x11 drivetrain with the stopping advantage of disc brakes.  For riders that prefer cantilever brakes, the Boone Race Shop Limited is a lightning-fast carbon fiber gravel bike ready for whatever the rider throws at it.

Both the Boone and Crockett series have proven themselves time and time again as fast, durable gravel machines, and now gravel riders have even more options to choose from when finding the perfect gravel bike.

For more information or to check out the whole Boone and Crockett line, check out Trek's cyclocross page.

Be Loud 

Is drawing attention to yourself egotistical or is it a way to save the species?

You see it in almost every sport. Clothing that is so bright that the ghosts of 1982 are putting on sunglasses. Bright-colored clothing makes sense in some sports but not in all of them. In soccer for example, I do not think that having day-glow orange shoes will save your life or let your team mate know that you are open to make that winning shot. No, those kicks are pretty much a fashion statement. "I am good and I know it. Take a look." Whatever.  

In sports where being seen can be a matter of life and death, I think this return to obnoxious colors is well-founded. Bright is safe. Loud is smart. Runners find that bright colored clothing helps them to stand out and be seen as they do their daily routine on the road or even on paths and sidewalks. Cycling is no different. In fact, it is more important to us to be seen as we ride in traffic, long urban roads, or even in the woods. I once had an old farmer come up to our road riding group and say, "That guy in the yellow is the smartest of all of you. He's the only one I saw." Sadly it was not me who stood out.

If you don't already own some visible clothing, Lee's Bike Shop can definitely help you out. We have high-visibility jerseys, jackets, warmers, gloves, shoes, and lights to help you be seen.  

So break out the old Trek with the day-glow green paint job or get some of those high visibility yellow arm warmers and booties. Wear something bright. Turn on the brightest lights possible, day or night. Become a distraction in a world of distractions. It may save your life.


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