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Bike Community

Bike Walk Wichita Bike Donations

Bike Walk Wichita is happy to receive donation bicycles! The bikes must at least be in decent shape. The organization then fixes the bikes and gives them to people in need right here in Wichita. Bike Walk Wichita is located at 131 S. Laura and is open from 6pm - 8m on Thursdays and 1pm - 4pm on Saturdays. Their phone number is 316-530-2990

Team Red, White, and Blue

The Wichita Community of Team RWB is composed of 300 members, both veterans and civilians, that are building quality relationships and community through weekly workouts that are suitable for all levels and include rucks, walking, running, swimming, and cycling; athletic events, such as local races, yoga, and triathlons; social events like meeting up for coffee, family BBQs/picnics, and bowling; community service projects; and more.

Nearly 2.5 million American men and women have deployed in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom since 2001. Over the next four years, about 1.2 million service members will retire or separate from active duty. Most combat veterans struggle with re-integration to some degree. Team RWB embraces veterans from all branches and eras and their supporters to create a strong community.

Weekly exercise and social events, as well as regular community service events, create connected communities where all members benefit from being part of the Team. Research has shown exercise is a very effective tool for improving quality of life; when exercise is conducted in a group or team setting, there is a multiplier effect.

There are many ways to be involved in Team RWB; the first step is to join at

West Wichita Bicycle Chicks

This group is for women who want to coordinate bicycle rides together on the west side. Post if you are going for a bike ride and want some company. Post the meeting place, time, and about how far you want to go. If you want to join the ride, comment on the post. If you know a friend who wants to join, please invite them to the group..
The group has grown in the past 2 and a 1/2 years to 180 members.  Not all are "chicks" and not all live in West Wichita. It has been a great way to share short, long, fast, slow, supported, self-supported, planned and impromptu ride events... and a great way to make new friends!
If you are interested in joining the group, just search for it on Facebook and request to join!

Toys for Tots Bicycle Ride

Toys for Tots 2015

The Blessings of the Toy Ride Continue On

On November 8, 2015, the US Marines' Toys for Tots held thier annual TOY RIDE. It was a beauiful day and well attended. This year over 250 riders, with every bicycle style and attire, gathered at Exploration Place in Wichita, Kansas to share the joy of cycling and giving.

Overall, rides gave 900 toys, 186 items of canned food, and $640 in cash donations. 
A big thanks to the Tornado Alley Young Marines, Nitro Joe's, and the friends, family and staff of Lee's Bike Shop for being at OJ Watson Park to provide drinks, cookies. Thanks to all of the riders that attended. Let's do it again next year! 

People for Bikes


We all have them. Some times it does just feel better to hop on your bike and ride away leaving your bad day behind. If you ever feel like you need to get away, try it on a bike. You will be surprised how your attitude will change.

This video is brought to you by People for Bikes. A US advocasy group that is uniting millions of Americans to build better communities for biking, improving your rides and transforming our nation and cities. Go to to check them out and help transform our country by joining the movement. 

Prairie Travelers - Prairie Sunset Trail Project

Prairie TravelersPrairie Travelers Rails to TrailsPrairie Sunset Trail - Goddard, Kansas

Do you bike, run, or simply walk? You should pay attention! The Prairie Travelers have come up with a plan to expand on the Prairie Sunset trail. This is the same trail that runs between South 167th Street West, at the edge of west Wichita, an South 295th Street in Garden Plain. The purpose of their project is to turn more of this abandoned railway into trail that can be enjoyed by everyone. This is one of the trails that we, at Lee's Bike Shop, ride frequently during our early morning Saturday gravel rides. Many of our customers from all over the area use this trail for both leisure and commuting.

It is Prairie Travelers' plan to extend this trail farther east to the “Big Ditch” west of highway 235. The plan is split into four phases which should all be completed by July of 2017. However, there are a few major obstacles to get through, governmental support and funding. You can help in both.

In fact now is the best time to act. On February 2, 2015 Prairie Travelers got approval from the Wichita District 4 Advisory Board for their proposal to extend the Prairie Sunset Trail from 167th Street eastward.  PT explained that they have in place the support of AmeriCorps NCCC and the Sunflower Foundation for labor and a possible match grant money respectively.

PT needs to raise $55,000 by March 10, 2015 to secure the matching grant. So please help.  

Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity. Donate online now at: 

To learn more about this group, this project, show your support, become involved, or to donate, visit their website at

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Rails to Trails Conservancy

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is an national organization that converts abandoned railroad tracks into bicycle and pedestrian friendly multi-use paths. Since their creation in 1986, they have transformed 20,000 miles of railroad right-of-way across the US into these paths. The paths are made of pavement or compacted gravel and ridable by road, hybrid and mountain bikes. The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has over 150,000 members nationwide.

Wichita has two rail-trails, the Prairie Sunset Trail, located west of Wichita between Goddard and Garden Plain, and the Red Bud Trail, a new trail that will someday link Wichita to Augusta. These trails are managed by the Prairie Travelers, a Wichita advocacy and service group, and are just the beginning of what is possible in our area. Join us and others by sponsoring Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and the Prairie Travelers.

For more information visit the Rails-to-Trails website for national information or the Prairie Travelers website for local news and workdays.

Bicycling is About Family - The Restaurant Ride

Family Restaurant Ride

One of the best things about bicycling is that it knows no age. From the time we can ride in the trailer as an infant to the time we conclude that we need an adult tricycle to appease the desire of our mind but the limits of our body, we can hit the road and feel the freedom of the wind. Bicycling also knows no number. From the solo ride to critical mass we travel. We travel with our best friend, our riding buddies, our team, with complete strangers (usually for the first 5 miles) and with our close relatives. Any number, any time, any where. 

All of this is exciting and wonderful. The best of all is riding with family. Whether it is with your significant other or with the whole brood, riding with family is a joy. There are so many emotions that go with riding with family. To see the fright, excitement and accomplishment in your child's (or adult's) eyes as they go through each phase of learning to ride is priceless. Letting them jump the home made ramp, ride the trails or go over to a friends house is nerve racking but allowed. Every success and failure is important. Every ride builds character and confidence. 

Lee's Bike Shop believes that riding with family is an important part of developing relationships within families and within our community. That's why our first hosted ride was our Friday Family Restaurant Ride. It continues during the summers to this day.

Check out when and where our next Restaurant Ride will be in the Events section of our web site's home page. We hope to see the whole family there. 

Adventure Cycling Association

Adventure Cycling Association

Established in 1973, the Adventure Cycling Association is a non-profit organization that promotes bicycle travel. Some of their services include bike map producing and bike tours. They lead 70 different guided tours throughout the year. They also publish the award-winning Adventure Cyclist magazine. They also have several blogs that inform cyclists about cycling tips.

Lee's Bike Shop is a member of the Adventure Cycling Association and we have ACA periodicals and tour and map information here at the shop if you are interested in long distance touring and what the ACA has available.

For more information visit the Adventure Cycling Association website.

Bike Walk Wichita - Your Community Voice

Bike Walk Wichita

What is Bike Walk Wichita all about? They are about Wichita, about transportation, about you.

They have played a huge role in advocating, educating, and collaborating with the Wichita community in order to make our city a more fun, safe, and physically active place to live. For everyone.

Some of the events they've held in the past years have involved volunteering to clean up trails, organizing fun rides throughout the city, holding fund raising for improved biking and walking facilities, educating the community about bike safety, and collaborating with local government and businesses to achieve bicycling and walking friendly goals.

To learn more about this organization or to be involved, visit their website at  You will find out how this group promotes active transportation for all of us.

Bicycle Clubs Help You Enjoy the Sport

There is joy that occurs when you get on your bicycle and hit the road or the trail. One almost becomes lost in the experience. A connection develops between bicycle and human. Mostly because the bicycle is designed for that human connection more than any other mode of transportation. With the exception of a tandem, that connection is individual.

This is all good. But like most mammals we humans like to share our lives with others of our species. So we search for like minded individuals that share our personal passions. This is also good. Luckily there are bicycling clubs in the Wichita area that share our passion for cycling. All types of cycling. We are often asked what kind of riding we like to do.  I think that is a loaded question in which there is only one true answer. We like riding bicycles. Any kind of bike, any place, pavement or dirt, fast and slow, it does not matter. Because of this Lee's Bike Shop is a proud member or sponsor of these great local clubs and would like to share them with you. So, if you are looking to ride with others and share your riding experiences or volunteer in bicycling events get in touch, get together, and get thhings done.

OZ Bicycle Club                                                                             

OZ Bicycle Club - Wichita, Kansas,                                

Kansas Singletrack Society

Kansas Singletrack Society,

Coasters Bicycle Club                                              

Coasters Bicycle Club - Wichita, Kansas,       

Kansas River Valley Triathlon Club

Kansas River Valley Triathlon Club, 

Zambia Bike Project

Chipo and Dave at Lee's Bike ShopLee's Bike Shop is grateful to have the opportunity to partner with the Zambia Bike Project. For about six months now, we have worked with David Atkins on this project. We have donated numerous bikes and parts so that he may repair the bikes and prepare them to be shipped to Zambia. We have enjoyed working with David and appreciate what he does. Below you will find a paragraph that David has wrote and photos describing his experience and explaining why this is such an important project.


An African Child with a new Bike"During visits to Zambia we (T.E.A.M. (Together Experiencing  A Mission) Ministries) discovered that because of the poverty in the country, most of the children have never had a toy or a pair of shoes.  A bike to them is much more than a toy; it is a means of transportation to and from the market and can help in many every day chores.  Many times we have seen kindling for cooking, food from the market or even a chicken or goat strapped to a bicycle while they were headed back to their village or compound.  A bike can also give them the opportunity to be able to travel to find work to support their family. For a family in Zambia to receive a bicycle is like a family in the U. S. receiving a car. On an average the Zambian income is $1 a day.  Quite often that dollar has to go for food or medicine before it can go for shoes, clothes or items such as a bicycle.  Donating a bike can change the life of a Zambia family."

For more information visit

Keeping it Green

Bicycling is not just about fun, it is also about alternatives. An alternative to sitting around doing "nothing", an alternative to driving, or an alternative to, well, almost everything. So we find alternatives to everyday shop issues and we reward employees that get involved. 


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We recycle as much as we can.

Then we have worn or broken steel and aluminum parts that must be disposed of. All of it goes into our bins for recycling.We get a lot of cardboard.  Every shipment of bikes and merchandise comes in a box. That cardboard is sent to the recycling bins.

We also have a inner tube recycling bin for standard 26", 27" and 29" diameter tubes so we don't have to throw them away. The tubes are sent off to be made into bags, wallets and cuff straps. You should see these products. They are way cool. Bring in your tubes (the sizes stated above and without sealant) and we will include them in our shipment.

Our cleaning solutions are citrus based, biodegradable and disposed of appropriately.  It also makes the place smell sweet.

Biking to Work

Employees at Lee's Bike Shop are encouraged to ride to work and are compensated when they do so. Save gas, get cash, stay fit.

The Future (Maybe?)

Our grand idea is to run ceiling fans off customer powered pedal mechanisms. Burn calories and help our environment. Any takers?

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