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Maintenance and Repair

We Service all Brands and Styles of Bicycles

Maintenance is the key to keeping a bicycle rider riding.  We all know that, but sometimes you don't have the time to make sure your bike runs its tip top best. Let us help. From repairing flat tires to complete overhauls we are at your service.

Or if you are inclined to do your own repairs, let us help you find the correct parts and tools for your project. We have many widely used parts in stock. If we do not have it, our vendors have a broad offering to fit your needs. We can get it quickly an correctly. 

Tune Up and Overhaul Packages

The more you ride your bicycle the more the parts ware and if not addressed could damage other parts. Regular maintenance will slow down the wearing process, but sometimes the best thing is to is just have the entire bicycle inspected, cleaned, lubed and adjusted.  If the bicycle is in good working condition our tune up package should do the trick. But on older, high mileage bicycles bearings may be dry or even worn making them inefficient, shaky and slow. That work is included in an overhaul. See the following for a full description of each.

Our Tune Up Package is $110 and includes the following: 

  • Wheels: The wheels are cleaned, rims trued and bearings are adjusted.Lee's Bike Shop provides quality service, maintenance and repair
  • Drivetrain: The drivetrain is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, reinstalled, lubricated and the shifting is adjusted. The drivetrain includes the chain, crankset, cassette or freewheel, and derailleurs.
  • Bottom Bracket: The bottom bracket is inspected and bearings adjusted (if loose ball style)
  • Headset: Headset is inspected and bearings adjusted if needed.
  • Brakes: The brakes are adjusted.
  • Frame: The frame is wiped down

As you can see the entire bicycle is inspected so we can advise you of any issues that need to be addressed for safe and optimum operation.

Possible Additional Labor Costs:

  • Greasing bearings - $5.00
  • Overhaul bearings - $10.00 - $30.00
  • Cable installation - $7.50 - $10.00
  • Shifter clean and lube - $10.00
  • Brake pad installation - $4.00 - $10.00

The standard tune up price is for common bicycle styles. There will be additional labor fees for:

  • Tandems
  • Recumbents
  • Tricycles
  • Bicycles with hydraulic brakes or electric shifting
  • Extra cleaning on really dirty bikes

The Overhaul Package is $160 and includes:

  • Everything in the tune up package plus -
  • Overhaul of all serviceable bearings (loose ball): This includes disassembly, cleaning, inspection, grease, re-installation and adjustment

There may be extra charges for:

  • Removal and installation of cartridge bearings

Parts are not included in the labor package prices. When part replacement is needed we advise the owner of the issues and the possible options then work with them to find the best part that fits the performance characteristics the owner desires. 

Professional Set Up of New Bicycles

When a new bicycle comes into the receiving door of our shop it is in a box. A big box, yes, but smaller than seemingly needed for the bike inside. That is because it is in pieces. We assemble each new bicycle with utmost care knowing that some day you will be riding it.  We feel that a bike is correctly assembled then all of the important details and syste

We go through each bicycle again when purchased to be sure that all adjustments are set and the bicycle operates are addressed.  During final assembly each wheel is trued, hub bearings adjusted, the shifting and braking adjusted, all of the bolts are tightened, and the bike test ridden to make sure everything works properly and safely.

We also make sure that the saddle and handlebars are adjusted for the riders comfort.  

For the lifetime that you own the bicycle, we will adjust all cables on a bicycle purchased from Lee's Bike Shop.

Wheel Building Services

Custom Wheel Building ServicesNo matter if you are looking to upgrade your wheel set, repair a damaged wheel or looking for something unique. We can build that wheel for you. We have experienced wheel builders on staff that will build you strong, reliable, light wheels from quality components to fit your needs. If it's road, off-road, touring or tandem, the wheel needs to meet the demands of its use. Let us work with you to design the best wheel from the best parts for the job.

  • Mavic

  • Shimano

  • Chris King

  • Paul Components

  • Phil Wood

  • DT Swiss

Often a custom, hand built wheel set is of better quality than a pre-built wheel of the same price. They are made of the parts that fit your riding needs and they are hand assembled, dished, tensioned and trued. Nothing better. Come in and see what we can build for you.

Also, we can re-build wheels around your good hubs. If you have good quality hubs on worn or damaged rims or spokes, save money by building new wheels around those parts. You paid good money for your hubs. Reuse them.

Keeping it Green

We are very ecologically minded at Lee's so we do our best to make as little impact on the environment as possible.

  • We recycle our card board boxes, aluminum cans, plastics, paper and used up aluminum and steel bicycle parts.
  • We have an inner tube recycling location for standard tubes. Then we send them out for re-use.
  • All of our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and disposed of appropriately.

Please do your part to reduce the amount of trash that enters the landfills. It is very easy and rewarding to do. 

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