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Size and Fit is Everything

Size and Fit is Everything

What size of bike do you need?

Many are familiar with kids sizing of bicycles.  12", 18", 20" and 24" kids bikes are named so because of the size of the wheels.

The frame fits the size of the wheels and not necessarily the size of the rider. Adult bikes have standardized wheel sizes.

Mountain and comfort bikes have 26" wheels. Road, hybrid, dual-sport and the awesome "29er" mountain bikes have 700c wheels with tires that match the purpose of the bicycle.

Adult bicycles are sized by the length between the center of the crank's bottom bracket to the effective height of the top tube.

In "normal speak" - the taller the rider, the taller the seat tube needs to be. Not only is the seat height sized for the rider but the distance between the saddle and the handle bars vary with frame size.

 It is possible to follow rough guidelines based on height, but these are only an initial starting point for a proper fit.

Each person's physical dimensions and attributes (i.e. arm length, torso length, femur length, flexibility, etc.) are slightly different and can lead to different frame size needs even for people of the same height.  Also the design of the bicycle creates different sizing criteria. The chart below can be used as starting point in finding the correct size for you. 


Mountain/Hybrid Size

Road Size

























If you are in between two sizes it is often best to go with the smaller size.  It is easier to make a smaller frame fit a little larger than it is to attempt the reverse.  Sizing is an important process which directly affects the ride quality and comfort of a bike. 

Our staff is skilled at proper sizing and can help find the appropriate bike and size to fit each individual's needs.   

The best way to determine your proper size is to come in and be sized up to a bicycle. We will assist you with this very important decision.  At Lee's Bike Shop we have different sized bikes in each style available for you to test ride. We will also look at your riding position to determine which size is                                                                                                                                                       best for your riding style and experience.

Sizing Kids

Sizing a kid's bike by height is a good starting point but it is no substitute to having your child pedal a bike to determine what is the appropriate fit.  This is especially important as children's skill levels can vary greatly.  A child who is very skilled at riding a bike may be comfortable on a larger bike then a child of the same height who has just learned to ride without training wheels. 

The chart below can be used as a good starting point.

Height Kids Bike Size
35-40" 12"
39-46" 16"
45-52" 20"
51-63" 24"

What is Fitting?

Fitting is a whole different animal.  it is the process of finely tuning the bicycle's components to fit the rider's body and flexibility. The three contact points of the bicycle: clip-in-pedal, saddle and handlebar/stem are adjusted to provide the rider optimal comfort and performance.

 If you still have questions about sizing and fitting, please feel free to contact us at Lee's Bike Shop. We look forward to helping you make the correct bike selection so your ride is always enjoyable.

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